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Whether they are taking prescription medication or a party drug, no one intends to form a substance use disorder. Drug addiction is a nuanced disease that can affect anyone, and it affects everyone differently.

If a substance has taken over your life, we want you to remember 3 things:

  1. You are more than your addiction
  2. Your illness is not your fault
  3. You can always get help

At Atlanta Treatment LLC, our mission is to provide compassionate care, encouragement, and kindness to individuals seeking a life of recovery – without discernment. No matter where you are in life and how serious your addiction may be, we want to help you.

What Is Drug Addiction?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction, or substance use disorder, is:

a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences.”

Some describe drug addiction as a craving or an obsession, and the condition can also be accompanied by physical and psychological dependency. Drug dependency is characterized by tolerance – needing more and more of a drug to feel its effects – and withdrawal – experiencing negative side effects when you cut back or quit using the drug.

spilled bottle of pills arranged to spell the word addiction

Other signs and symptoms of substance use disorder include:

  • Frequent drug use
  • Taking drugs more often or in higher doses than you intend to
  • Having an intense urge to use drugs
  • Making sure you maintain a steady supply of drugs
  • Neglecting responsibilities in favor of using drugs
  • Reducing socialization and time spent on hobbies because of drugs
  • Inability to feel pleasure without drugs
  • Engaging in risky or illegal activities while on drugs
  • Continuing to use drugs despite negative consequences
  • Being unable to cut back or quit

If you or a loved one are suffering from any of the physical or behavioral problems above, it may be time to get help. Call (678) 379-3111 today to learn more about our compassionate Marietta drug addiction treatment program.

Georgia Drug Addiction Statistics

Drug addiction has ravaged America over the past few decades, including Georgia. According to data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse released in 2020:

  • In 2018 (the year with the most recent data), there were 866 reported opioid-related fatalities in the state of Georgia.
  • More than 60% of all drug overdose deaths in Georgia in 2018 involved opioids.
  • 299 heroin-related fatalities were reported in Georgia in 2018; this is compared to only 40 in 2012.
  • In 2018, Georgia providers wrote 63.2 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons, compared to the average U.S. rate of 51.4 prescriptions.
  • Synthetic opiods such as fentanyl were connected to 349 drug-related fatalities in Georgia in 2018; this is up from 61 in 2012.

Addictive Substances

Legal or illegal, any controlled substance can cause an addiction. In fact, alcohol addiction is one of the most common substance use disorders in the United States.

Still, your treatment program must be tailored to the substance you struggle with.

At Atlanta Treatment LLC, we have experience helping individuals overcome the following addictions:

  • Opioid addiction– Opioids are extremely addictive and can lead to fatal overdoses. We treat substance use disorders tied to prescription painkillers, fentanyl, and heroin.
  • Prescription pill addiction – In addition to opioid painkillers, many people form addictions to prescription depressants (downers and benzos) and stimulants (uppers).
  • Methamphetamine addiction – Also called meth or crystal meth, methamphetamine is highly addictive, and using causes serious health effects, including overdose.
  • Cocaine Addiction Treatment - A powerfully addictive stimulant that increases the levels of dopamine in the brain.
  • Benzodiazepines Treatment - Tranquilizer-type drugs that create feelings of calmness, relax the muscles, and sedate patients.

With many of the substances above, quitting on your own is difficult, if not impossible. You may need medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help you get through withdrawal, which is one of the many services we offer at Atlanta Treatment LLC.

Click here to learn more about MAT.

How We Address Drug Addiction

As a drug rehab center in Marietta, Georgia, Atlanta Treatment LLC offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and a night outpatient treatment program. We understand that many people cannot put their lives on hold while they are struggling with addiction, so we have options that work for everyone. Our night outpatient program is especially popular because it allows people to work during the day and recover at night.

Click here to learn more about our programs.

Why Choose Us?

Atlanta Treatment LLC sees you as a whole person, and we want to make sure your complex needs and desires are being met. As such, we offer several holistic activities that make recovery more interesting and engaging. We not only offer a proven trauma intervention model and brain-mapping, for example, but we also provide adventure-based counseling and cultural excursions in the city.

Further, Atlanta Treatment LLC operates on the CORE values of Connection, Open-Mindedness, Revitalization, and Education.

If these values are important to you, too, and you are looking to recover from a substance use disorder, look no further than our Marietta drug treatment center.

Call us at (678) 379-3111 or contact us online to start building a new foundation today.

Our Core Values

Atlanta Treatment LLC Promise to You
  • Connection

    The disease of addiction draws strength from isolation, so we believe we need to combat it with connectivity! Fostering healthy relationships is a crucial part of recovery that can come difficultly to someone fresh in recovery. At Atlanta Treatment LLC Atlanta Treatment, we want to connect with you and help you to connect with others.

  • Open-Mindedness

    The process of recovery requires you to make a great deal of changes. This demands everyone involved enter this experience with the willingness to try something new. We leave fear and a biased attitude at the door, with an understanding that each individual is in need of something different to succeed.

  • Revitalization

    Getting sober does not mean life becomes stale. We practice having enjoyment on your journey through recreation, discovery, and entertainment. We’ve found incorporating this fundamental piece into the therapeutic process is a breath of fresh and fun air to the recovering individual!

  • Education

    It has been said that knowledge is power. In your battle with the disease of addiction, having an understanding of what you’re experiencing gives you the potential to gain back some of the power you’ve been stripped of. We want to create awareness of the pitfalls, coping mechanisms, tools and resources you need to fight back with competency.

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